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Ayurvedic Life - CHOLOGUARDHERBO - 60 Tablet

Rs. 220.00 Rs. 590.00

1)Natural supplement tablets for heart health & blood circulation.
2)Chologuardherbo helps to improve body lipid levels, Regular use supports removal of blockages in blood and normal heart circulation.
3)The best ayurvedic herbal supplement rejuvenative tonic for healthy heart function support. It helps to improve body lipid levels.
4)Each herb individually selected to ensure a broad spectrum of therapeutic plant compounds.


Cardiovascular diseases and strokes are the leading cause for mortality in many developing and developed countries. Blockage of coronary arteries causing high blood pressure and ruptures, can lead to restricted blood supply and permanent damages to heart muscles. Chologuardherbo is all-natural heart health supplement specially formulated to increase heart strength and improve cardiovascular and circulatory health. Arjuna, Guggul is known to have significant benefits in higher cellular energy production, lower risks of blood clot formation, lower levels LDL cholesterol, and healthier blood pressure; results in a stronger heart with lower the risks of Cardiovascular diseases and reduced chances of chest pain and discomfort.